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What does a home pelvic physio visit look like?

What is the main difference between seeing a pelvic physiotherapist at a clinic vs in your home? That you are in your home. Otherwise, the equipment and set up is virtually the same. Obviously there are pros and cons depending on what your preferences are. Some of the big draws of a home visit are that you can more easily entertain your babies and children, or schedule an appointment for RIGHT when you get home from work, or you might feel more comfortable in a familiar space. It can be a pretty convenient option having someone come to you!

So what is the physical set up? I decided it might be helpful to take a little snapshot in my living room so you can actually see what it looks like (and yes, I'm aware that I got too excited about patterned things at some point and now there are a lot of them in our living room...)!

I bring all of these things with me to each visit:

· Portable table

· Disposable sheet for you to cover yourself with

· Absorbent table pad

· Gloves

· Individual packets of lubricant

· Hand sanitizer

· Pelvic model

· Disinfectant to clean the table

You'll need to provide a pillow, chair, and internet password so I can write in your chart.

I typically set up in your main floor living room and close the curtains/blinds for the pelvic exam. It is a lot of equipment to carry up or down stairs so I prefer to stay on the main floor when possible but if it isn't an option we can set up somewhere else that is more convenient.

If you have babies or children, depending on your comfort level and their ages they might be crawling or walking around, or lying on you, or eating, or sitting on my lap, or sitting on your lap, or tucked into a pack and play, or jumping in an exersaucer. It is really up to you how that goes! Sometimes it may feel a bit chaotic with your kids present but it is honestly a lot nicer to have a bit of chaos in your own home than at a clinic where you might feel more pressure to be in control of the situation and might not have as many ways to try to entertain everyone.

I hope this gives you a little insight as to what it looks like to have a home pelvic physiotherapy assessment. If you live in the Hamilton area and want to get in touch, feel free to drop me a line or book an assessment online.


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