Pre/post natal check up - a baby is on the way or recently arrived and you want to know how your pelvic floor is doing

If you have a low risk pregnancy, a pelvic physiotherapy internal exam is safe and is a great way to see how your pelvic floor is doing. You want to have a strong pelvic floor during pregnancy to minimize the impact of pregnancy and delivery, but you also want to be able to relax and lengthen those muscles during labour. Doing a few sessions before delivery can help you find out where your strength is at, learn how to effectively contract and relax the pelvic floor, and give you the tools you need to start retraining your pelvic floor and core after your baby arrives. 


If you have had children and are at least 6 weeks after delivery (it is ok if your children are older too!) it is a good idea to have a pelvic assessment done. Similar to a pre natal assessment, we will review how to correctly train the pelvic floor and core muscles. We will also talk about self care, check for any areas of discomfort, talk about getting back to sex, and chat about any of your pelvic questions and concerns. Many mothers have pelvic floor impairments that do not lead to specific problems until years later in menopause. Addressing these changes early, even if you do not leak or have prolapse, is a good way to make sure you do not develop problems in the future.


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