Pelvic floor physiotherapy is appropriate for women of all ages and even during low risk pregnancies especially if any of the following items apply to you:

  • You leak when laughing, coughing, playing sports, or at any time of increased abdominal pressure

  • You need to go to the bathroom frequently (more than 5-8 times each day)

  • You have moments where you suddenly need to go to the bathroom and leak on the way there or barely make it in time

  • You have pelvic organ prolapse or feelings of heaviness/pressure in your vagina

  • You have diastasis rectus abdominus

  • You have pelvic pain at rest 

  • You have pain during sex, with tampon use, during pelvic exams etc.

  • You have had children or are pregnant and want to minimize your risk of developing a pelvic dysfunction


Women are always being told to do kegels, but experts recommend that this should be taught by a trained professional using an internal pelvic exam. Pelvic physiotherapists use many treatment techniques besides kegels, and they may not be appropriate for you depending on what your concerns are. 


Pelvic physiotherapists can  provide you with functional exercises, relaxation activities, self treatment techniques, and education to help you take charge of your situation.

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